Being an EnviroInvestor at Home

Being an EnviroInvestor is about more than stock picking. It means conscious decisions to adapt one's consumer lifestyle in a manner that promotes sustainability and healthy wealth creation. In that line, my family has recently done some shopping at two great sustainability-focused companies: Smith & Hawken and Whole Foods (WFMI). ... Through a disposal-service program, we bought a cut-rate Smith & Hawken Biostack composting bin (getting a slight reduction on our garbage bill as a bonus). At Whole Foods, we picked up two reusable grocery bags (just $1.59 each, made by The Green Bag Co.). Using the bags will earn a $.05 rebate each at many retailers. (Whole Foods is also predicted by the Motley Fool newsletter to be the "next American super brand." Think green Wal-Mart.)... Like many sustainability-focused corporate decisions, these purchases are more about reducing our impact on the environment than saving money - but like those larger corporate choices, they'll pay financial dividends as well. ... And speaking of dividends, one of the best financial choices you can make (assuming you're already living within a reasonable budget) is to use a dividend credit card to make grocery and gas purchases. Many of the popular cards now pay 5 percent back on such purchases, meaning hundreds of dollars a year in cash back on the average family budget. Just make sure to pay off the balance each month! ...


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